Resistive Switching in Memristor Devices - Marcelo Rozenberg

Simulation of the resistive switching model introduced by Rozenberg, Sánchez, Weht, Acha, Gomez-Marlasca, and Levy. The model describes the conduction along a 1D resistive network path, having two memristive interfaces at either end. The upper panel shows the density of oxygen vacancies along the 1D path, the lower panel shows the two-terminal resistance across the system. If the resitivity parameters A at either end are large, the R vs V curve shows the phenomenon of "table-with-legs" (Fig. 8) that results from the two memristive interfaces. If the parameter A is large in only one interface (single memristor), the R vs V curve is a simple high-R to low-R loop.

Instructions for using applet

Before pressing start, adjust the default constant values described below:

After pressing start, the simulation will begin and the following controls can be adjusted:

Created by Nauman Javed with the help of Eric Pelz and Professors Marcelo Rozenberg and Vladimir Dobrosavljevic at the National Magnetic Field Laboratory at the Florida State University.